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The November Update on V.P. Ortiz

Just a fair warning: my November is going to be crazy. Not Gone Girl crazy. Crazy-busy. There’s so much stuff going on that by the time December rolls around, I’ll need to ask Santa for a vacation for Christmas.



November is National Novel Writing Month where us writers with excitement in our veins and no common sense in our brains decide to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Does that sound stupid? It probably is, but I did it last year and I’m determined to do it again. So, November will be the month me mostly ignoring social media and/or all human interaction while I finish writing Fight For You. (Remember to subscribe to my newsletter  for updates and maybe even an exclusive teaser in November).

Exclusive Facebook Reader Group

I’ve been working on putting together an exclusive fan group on Facebook specifically for my readers. That may be coming in December or January (which is right around the corner), so stay tuned. I’ve even got a kickass name picked out for us that I think you’ll like.

Paradise Fridays

Yes, Paradise Fridays will continue into November. I haven’t forgotten about and it will not suffer because of NaNoWriMo. Though if I’m late on posting the next part of Craving Paradise, don’t come hunting me down and yelling at me to post the latest chapter (I’m looking at you, Kaily K.!)

If you haven’t heard about Craving Paradise yet, its a novella spin-off from Finding Paradise following Baylee and Liam’s story. It’s only available on Wattpad. Every Friday, I’m posting a new chapter on Wattpad’s FREE website and sometimes I let the readers’ reactions decide the next twist and turn. Check it out and don’t forget to vote for each chapter as you read!

Book Reviews and Recommendations

My book recommendations and reviews posts may slow to a crawl while I’m writing like a madwoman, but I assure you, they will be there. As always, if you have any book recommendations for me to check out, please comment below! That includes indie writers. I can’t guarantee I can read all of your recommendations, but I try my damndest to read all the books.

And finally, Thanksgiving

In the United States (since I have readers all over the world who may not know this), the fourth Thursday of November falls on Thanksgiving. A day that we give thanks for our many blessings. And I consider all of you a tremendous blessing. Whether we interact on Facebook or Instagram, if you retweet my nonsense, or you keep up on my blog, without any of you, I’d be a lonely woman talking to herself on the internet. So for that, thank you for making my dream of being an indie writer a reality.

Until December…

-V.P. Ortiz



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