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BOOK REVIEW: “Heathens” by Amanda Richardson


My rating: Book recommendation rating 5

I’m a slacker. Procrastination is in my nature. It’s pretty much my middle name. How do I know this? Observe Exhibit A: Heathens by Amanda Richardson was published in mid-September and I’m just now posting my review. Geez. At least I’m posting it in the same year as it was released (we’re still in 2017, right?).

Not only am I a slacker, but I’m also weird (as if you haven’t figured that out by now). My humor can be a bit dark and taboo at times, and I’d say the same about my taste in book boyfriends. Now, to understand this, you need to understand my husband. I call him “Good Guy Eddie.” Because his name is Eddie and he’s a good guy. Like, a really good guy. The kind of guy who probably has a seat waiting up in heaven for him, right next to Princess Diana and Jesus. But I love that about him. He’s the ying to my yang. He lets the little old lady at the grocery store go in front of us at the register while I seethe as she pulls out wads of expired coupons. He gives the kids at lemonade stands five times the asking price while I sip on my overpriced Frappuccino and drive past them (I’m also an asshole too – have I mentioned that?).

But I digress.

Having “Good Guy Eddie” in my life leads to my slight intrigue to read about the darker side of romance. I want to see how the other half lives because I don’t have the balls nor the desire to experience it myself. And that includes sexy French men with a clerical collar.

Now you think I’m weird, right? Okay, then check out this teaser from Amanda Richardson…


Take. Me. To. Church. I’m a sucker for men in suits.

Ah, yes. Salem Tempest. A former sex fiend who is now going through the motions to become a priest in the gorgeous city of Paris while battling his attraction to a beautiful artist. If that doesn’t scream blasphemy, then I don’t know what does. But that’s exactly what intrigued me about this book. Now, if you’re big into religion and find this idea blasphemous on a bigger level than just a George Takei type of “oh my” taboo, please don’t hate me. Don’t hate Amanda either. And certainly don’t hate Salem Tempest. Just remember that fiction is fiction and leave it at that.

Lily Damewood was a great character in Heathens. Tough but guarded. Determined but scared. Reminds me a little of myself, if it wasn’t for her love for cigarettes and her impeccable artistic talent (both of which I don’t have). The angst between Lily and Salem is gut-wrenching and wrong, but, oh, so right. The scenes between them ranged from dark to fun to downright sexy. A little bit of everything.

So if you’re looking for a great dark romance and don’t mind being on the more taboo side of things, go pick up Heathens. Then comment below or on my Facebook page with what you thought of Salem Tempest. Because, I tell you what, if my husband hadn’t already bought his Halloween costume this year, I would be buying him a clerical collar tonight…

T.M.I.??? Probably, huh?




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