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BOOK REVIEW: “Bottoms Up” by Holly Renee


My rating: Book recommendation rating 4.5


I was incredibly lucky to have scored an ARC of Bottoms Up from Holly Renee and this fun story with a gorgeous average-size (not plus-size; let’s be honest, she’s what most of us look like) on the cover did not disappoint.

It’s hard to find a heroine that doesn’t fit “the mold.” You know what I’m talking about — tall, skinny, perfect hair, awesome boobs. But then comes along Kennedy Hayes, whose first encounter with the new sexy neighbor, Tucker, comes at the expense of her Spanx. Yes, SPANX! From the moment that happened, while I was cringing in a corner with my Kindle, I knew I was going to love Kennedy.

This book was a short friends-to-lovers story with lots of tension and angsty moments that had me screaming, “Oh, for f**k’s sake, just kiss him already!” Kennedy is like all of us — a woman struggling to see herself beyond her weight. Many times in her life, her worth was reduced to a number on the scale by ex-boyfriends and even her own mother. I think all of us can relate to that at one time or another. That’s what makes Kennedy so relatable. Her struggle to look in the mirror and see herself as the beautiful being that Tucker does is so damn real.

I think every woman hopes that her neighbor is someone like Tucker — handsome, funny, down-to-earth, and confident (but not in a cocky way). He sees Kennedy as a person and not for her insecurities. It’s what every woman hopes for from a man and to finally have that was fulfilling.

This is the first novel I’ve ever read from Holly Renee and it was definitely a fun story. She’s a fellow indie author and I’m so grateful she gave me a chance to read her newest book before release day.


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