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The October Update on V.P. Ortiz

I just returned from Write or Die in Seattle last weekend and if you haven’t heard of Write or Die, then my Instagram posts last week made zero sense to you. Haha! Write or Die was a writer’s retreat hosted by Tarryn Fisher and company in Seattle, Washington. A group of 130 aspiring and published writers got together for a number of different workshops to learn how to take our craft to the next level. It was a great experience and  if you’re interested in seeing pictures, check out my Instagram.

I learned so much from that and I’m about to pass on the fun to you! Here’s all the crazy ideas I have. Bear with me…

Monthly updates

Every month, I’ll be blogging updates on what I’m working on. This will not only keep me from dropping off the grid (again), but now you’ll know what’s coming up!

Paradise Fridays

You’ve heard that I’m publishing Craving Paradise on Wattpad, right? “But you’ve only posted two chapters.” Yeah, I know. Well, that’s about to change.

I’m now bringing you Paradise Fridays! Every Friday, I’ll be posting a new chapter to Wattpad. The story (or anti-story) of Baylee and Liam will continue and I’m so excited with what’s been happening with these two characters. If I get a positive response to Craving Paradise, I might post more stories on Wattpad, even after that one is finished.

Fight For You

So I hyped you up for Fight For You  and… well, where is it? Well, due to editing constraints, costs, and other events beyond my control, Fight For You is going to be pushed back even further. When? I’m hoping to release FFY in spring 2018. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter  for updates.

The delay is also part of the reason why I’m bringing you more FREE chapters of Craving Paradise on Wattpad in the meantime.


While there’s going to be a delay with Fight For You, the better news is that during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, I’ll be writing the second standalone book in the Fight For Love series.

So why does that matter? I’m glad you asked! Because in 2018, I’ll be releasing TWO books! This is a big deal, considering Finding Paradise  was released way back in 2016. So if you bear with me through the dullness in 2017, I’ve got exciting stuff coming for you in 2018!

Book Reviews and Recommendations

I’m a writer, but longer than I’ve been a writer, I’ve been a reader. I read when I can and what better way to share my love of reading than to post my own book recommendations and reviews. Bestsellers, indie authors, and everything in between. Stay on the lookout for my upcoming reviews, and if you have any book recommendations for me to check out, please comment below!

Until November, that’s all I’ve got. See? Big stuff, I told ya. Happy Fall, drink lots of pumpkin spice, and embrace your black heart on Halloween!

-V.P. Ortiz


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