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Finding Paradise – Photo Tour Guide

Finding Paradise takes place on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Many of the locations visited by Mila and Gage are actual places that I, myself, have visited multiple times. I’ve been asked several times since Finding Paradise was published if I could posts photos of those tourist spots. Most of the photos in this virtual photo tour guide of Finding Paradise are my own personal photos (hence, the watermark). (I have noted which photos were were found on Google; I do not own the rights to those photos, nor do I claim to.) I hope this brings your experience of Mila and Gage to life even more!

If you haven’t read Finding Paradise yet, you can find the order links here. Don’t worry — no spoilers will be posted in this post!


Waimanalo Beach

Do you recognize that mountain range in the background? You should! This is the same beach that is on the cover of Finding Paradise. In Fall 2015, we had our family photos taken on this beach (before I even took the plunge into writing) and that is what ultimately attracted me to the photograph used for Finding Paradise‘s book cover.


Halona Blowhole

If you look closely in the middle of the photo, you can see the geyser of ocean water shooting out from the center of the rocks.


Halona Beach Cove

halona-google(Found on Google. I do not own the rights to the photo.)

Manoa Falls

These photos are from our honeymoon in 2006, so please excuse the grainy quality. We didn’t get a chance to visit the waterfall during our 2015 trip.

img_2259   img_2260

img_2262   img_2261

Duke Kahanamoku statue at Kuhio Beach


Water bridge at Waikiki Beach



North Shore view

This photo DOES NOT do the actual view justice! When you travel on the highway to the North Shore, as you pass over a hill, the most magnificent view of the shoreline and ocean can be seen from your car. It’s breathtaking. I think I actually cried when I saw it…


Matsumoto Shave Ice

Best shaved ice on the island, in my opinion!


Laniakea Beach (a.k.a “Turtle Beach”)

In the summertime, sea turtles come on shore and from the photos I’ve seen online, it is a wonderful sight. However, both of our visits to Laniakea Beach were in the wintertime, so we got high tides instead. img_2243


Kualoa Beach


Waikiki Beach at sunset


Sea Life Park

Yes, you really can play with the dolphins at Sea Life Park!



Diamond Head State Park

Diamond Head is one of my favorite places to go on Oahu. The hike can get strenuous at times, but anyone can do it (even my tiny 6-year old daughter). The panoramic view from the top is worth it!






I hope you enjoyed this virtual photo tour guide! And I hope you loved reading Finding Paradise as much as I loved writing it!

If you haven’t read Finding Paradise yet, don’t miss out on this island love story! Get your copy today!




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