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Confessions of a New Author: Taking the Plunge

This is the first post in the Confessions of a New Author series. This series chronicles my adventures of becoming a self-published author, from the very moment I woke up and decided to be an author to when I finally published my debut novel and beyond.

I love books. Like, love-love. Like, books would probably make a better husband than my husband (just kidding… most days). But really, I love books. As a kid, I would pick up any book I possibly could from school or the library and indulge in Dr. Seuss or The Babysitter’s Club. As a teenager, Christopher Pike was my vice, which later turned into an obsession with Stephen King and Dean Koontz. As an adult, I’ve branched a little more towards the new adult novels of Colleen Hoover and the shocking fiction works of Jodi Piccoult. Throughout the years, even though my genre taste has changed, one thing has never wavered: my dream of being an author.

Realistically, becoming an established author is difficult. Extremely difficult. To get a publisher to notice you is harder than getting the cute guy at Starbucks to notice you. I read somewhere that J.K. Rowling was turned down by 12 or so publishers before Harry Potter (THE Harry Potter) series was picked up. Hearing that kind of thing is the least bit encouraging to aspiring authors like myself.

Enter the age of self-publishing!

I first heard about self-publishing when I read a book by Molly McAdams – Taking Chances. The book blew me away and only later did I learn that her novel was self-published. From then on, I followed her and many self-published authors. Some novels were extraordinary; others didn’t quite hit the spot for me (I will explain why in a later post). I was also intrigued by the idea of self-publishing. I mean, if they could do it, so could I. Right?

I took to the powers of Google and Pinterest to research exactly how to write a novel because, while I was so sure I could write, I wasn’t sure where to start. Turns out there’s a lot more to it than just opening up your laptop and typing out a story that seems like a great idea in your head (but may not be). I went through so many trials, tribulations, successes, irritations, and triumphs during the whole six-month process that I almost gave up many, many, many times.

Confessions of a New Author will be – I’m hoping – a guide for new, aspiring, and hopeful authors thinking about self-publishing through the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other outlets. This could even turn into a learn-from-my-mistakes kind of thing (I just sounded like my high school guidance counselor…). I hope you find this series helpful, useful, and even a tad bit inspiring.

So, you’re here, possibly because you’re thinking about becoming a published author too. So, ask yourself: do I really want to do this? Because I’ll tell you, friend, it’s not easy. Its a rocky road with limited rest stops, lots of detours, and tons of exits before your final destination. BUT don’t let that discourage you! If writing is your dream, by golly, follow that dream! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Deciding to take the plunge into writing your great American novel is a big step, but it’s the first step towards a very rewarding experience.


Thank you for reading, and keep writing your heart out.

-V.P. Ortiz


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