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Writing Prompt: “Wakiki Beach”

The moment my shoes sunk into the soft, golden earth, I wanted it.

The moment I took off my socks and let my toes be engulfed by the tiny pellets of seashells and sand, I felt it.

The moment I breathed in the salt air and it filled my lungs with the hopes and promises I had longed for, I believed it.

The moment I ran through the tourists, bobbing and weaving closer to the shore, I needed it.

The moment the waves crashed upon my legs, covering me in the warm Hawaiian ocean, I remembered it.

The moment I took it all in — the humidity in the air, the smell of the sea, the colors of the water, the reflection of the moon upon the glistening boats, the sound of my laugh echoing through the late-night music, the heaviness lifted off of my heart — I knew it.

I was home.

 **Writing prompt: Beach**


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