Everyone Has a Story to Tell….

My story starts off as a kid in north Denver living in quite a few not-so-great neighborhoods. My family dynamic, to say the very least, was not ideal and I was exposed to many conditions that a child should not be, ever. Because of this, I discovered a special love of books. They became my escape from the reality that I was forced to live in. The library – both at school and the public library – became my sanctuary. As a kid, I loved Dr. Seuss, The Boxcar Children, and The Babysitter’s Club. As a teen, I was obsessed with any and all books by Christopher Pike and Stephen King.

As an adult, books have become less of an escape and more of a vacation from the everyday stresses we all face now as grown ups. Over hundreds of books and thousands of hours, I’ve fallen in love with Young Adult and New Adult genre novels. From Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth to Colleen Hoover and Molly McAdams, I’ve admired the work of many successful female authors. They bring you into the worlds they have created and don’t let you out until they are ready to release you. It’s amazing and inspiring. So much so that I’ve decided to take a crack at it myself. Doesn’t seem too hard. Throw some words on paper and publish. Easy enough, right?

Ha! I’ve learned (the hard way) that writing a novel is not easy. Whatsoever. How naïve I was to think so! I started off by doing some research on writing and editing and self-publishing. Not bad. Then I got out my laptop and took a crack at it. Wrote my first chapter. Hated it. Wrote it again. Liked it. Wrote about six more chapters before I got bored and complacent. Hated it all again. Then I had a genius (!!) idea for a different story and ended up switching gears to my current novel (yes, that first story remains unfinished… for now).

Then, I wrote the first eight chapters for “Finding Paradise” and HATED how my main character, Mila, was turning out. Went back to the beginning and rewrote everything about her – from her mannerisms to her voice to her inner thoughts. From there, I chugged along as much as I could, hitting writer’s block and time constraints along the way. I finally finished my first draft about a week ago. Right now, it is collecting dust in a locked suitcase in the basement because, frankly, I don’t trust myself not to touch it before I’m ready for rewrites. So far, this writing thing has been a beautiful, ugly, stressful, wonderful struggle. My admiration for successful female authors (hell, authors in general!) went up tenfold!

I’m pretty excited for this new adventure as an author! I’m hoping that when I finally do publish “Finding Paradise”, my readers will love it just as much as I do. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, er, journey.

Until next time.




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